Tarkmet works at a tolerance of one micron

Tarkmet works at a tolerance of one micron

Tarkmet manufactures and develops equipment for the Swiss Astera Solutions GmbH, which supplies sample analysis tools used in oil, gas and ore exploration. One of Astera Solutions’ devices is the GRN16 grinding machine, which is used to reduce a sample taken from the earth until it is as little as 30 microns thick for microscopic analysis.

Astera Solutions’ CEO Jouni Heinonen explains that Tarkmet both manufactures devices used by Astera Solutions and is involved in their product development.

“Our equipment has to work to a tolerance of one micron, which requires the same level of precision from the device manufacturer. This level of precision is totally different to that of most engineering workshops,” Heinonen says.

Jouni Heinonen

Joint product development

Astera Solutions discovered Tarkmet while charting Nordic companies specialising in machine manufacture. Tarkmet stood out as the best and most cost-effective alternative.

In addition to machine manufacture, Tarkmet has extensive know-how in product development. This makes Astera Solutions’ life easier because it saves them from having to use an external engineering office for the modification of products.

“A good example of our joint product development is the GLU10 gluing jig, which attaches the sample onto the glass slide extremely accurately,” Heinonen explains. “The design of a gluing jig requires special know-how, because the device must be able to harden the glue with both heat and UV light. It only took one meeting with Tarkmet for us to figure out the solution we were going to offer the customer. Now the device we developed is being used in Kuopio, Finland, at the Geological Survey of Finland, and the customer is extremely satisfied with it.”


Expertise in different manufacturing technologies

Heinonen finds it extremely useful that Tarkmet is not only involved in product development, but also handles all the relationships within the subcontracting chain. This reduces Astra Solutions’ workload considerably.

“Tarkmet has extensive expertise in different manufacturing technologies. They know the best subcontractors to hire and understand the quality our equipment demands. They also introduced us to Apex Automation, which is now involved in the joint project and makes the software and electrification for the equipment.”

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Tarkmet has enabled business development

A genuine desire to do the best work possible is crucial to Astera Solutions. That is why Heinonen appreciates Tarkmet’s innovative attitude. Its flexibility and initiative have also made an impression on him.

“I can honestly say that it is thanks to Tarkmet that we have been able to develop our business, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. I can’t imagine a better partner.”