Our Mission is Precision

For over 20 years, we have provided our customers with comprehensive industrial services. In addition to subcontracting, we design and manufacture high quality machinery in Finland as a part of our MKH press and MKH lift product lines with our extensive experience. Our selection includes, for example, standard and tailored hydraulic presses and magnetic lifters.

Machine design

We are constantly developing innovative solutions to meet our customer s’ needs. We cover, e.g., 3D-modeling, simulation and documentation.


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Service and repair of lifting equipment

We provide scheduled inspection for the magnetic lifters we supply. The inspection consists of testing and diagnosing of the control system electronics and batteries. Mechanical components and all device functions are also checked.


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Our subcontracting services include CNC machining, laser machining, assembly and 3D printing.


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Our products

We manufacture high-quality hydraulic presses and magnetic lifters under our brands; MKH-press and MKH-lift. Our product lineup also includes hydraulic steadies and large hydraulic bearing extractors.


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The variety of accessories are available for hydraulic presses. For example, our shard protectors are also suitable for other manufacturers’ presses.


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Hand and electrically-operated hydraulic presses for workshops and production facilities

We manufacture hydraulic presses in accordance with the Machinery Directive. Our products meet the safety requirements in accordance with ISO 16092-1:2017 and ISO 16092-3:2017 standards.