MPD NC presses

MPD NC hydraulic presses

MPD NC hydraulic press is based on the same tried and solid frame as is used with the conventional line of MKH workshop presses. It performs all the same tasks as the previous generation but has also many new features.



Full press control with an extensive array of sensors and an intuitive control system.


  • Press control system for automatic and manual pressing
  • 7” Touch HMI for press parameter control
  • Analog joystick for stepless control of press operation
  • Servo hydraulic system for optimal press control and energy savings
  • Control and measure piston position
  • Control and measure pressing force
  • Control and measure pressing speed



Manual mode:


Monitor and control

Complete control with configurable analog joystick

  • Piston position
  • Pressure and force
  • Pressing speed
  • Upper and lower limits for piston position
  • Limit force/pressure


Store press data:
  • Log and store press parameters with USB functionality
  • Monitor peak values on the screen, resettable with reset function
  • Absolute and incremental measurement for piston position

Automatic mode


Create custom programs for maximized throughput and standardization of press operation:

  • Create and save pressing programs easily on the touch screen
  • Complete automatic press operation with option for safety interlocking doors/light curtain
  • Semi-automatic pressing with joystick enables operation for multistage presswork
  • Production line integration for mass production
ModelMPD 40 NCMPD 100 NCMPD 200 NC
Force40 tn (400 kN)100 tn (1000 kN)200 tn (2000 kN)
Piston stroke250 mm 350 mm 400 mm
Pump motor2,1 kW4,2 kW7,2 kW
Ram speed0-8 mm/s 0-7 mm/s 0-6 mm/s
Daylight900 mm900 mm1000 mm