Service and repair of lifting equipment

Considering service and inspection

Considering service and inspection

Lifting accessories must be inspected every year unless their use is very limited. This is based on the Government Decree (VNa 403/2008), which defines the frequency of the inspection and the qualifications of the inspector.

What the scheduled inspection of the lifting equipment includes

We provide scheduled inspection for the magnetic lifters we supply. The inspection includes the inspection of control electronics and batteries, as well as the inspection and testing of mechanical parts. In addition, the lifting capacity is tested by test lifting the lifter on the test bench. The inspection also includes functional testing of all functions and safety features. During the inspection, we will make a list of possible defects and offer a separate quote to repair them. After the inspection and possible service procedures, the product will receive a service stamp that is valid for a year from the time of approval. We also grant the inspected device a warranty of six months.

How is the lifting equipment maintained?

  • When not in use, the magnetic lifter is connected to the charger in order to maintain good battery condition.
  • The magnet should be stored on a clean surface to avoid damage to the bottom plate by for example chips or other debris getting stuck and or deforming the plate.
  • The bottom of the magnet should be inspected for damage weekly.
    • o If, for example, welding splashes have been attached to the bottom or it has suffered bumps that cause air gaps, they must be removed by, for example, grinding or filing.

Where to service my lifting device:

The service of the magnetic lifters takes place in Mustasaari. The annual cost of the service is 530e and the repair of defects found during the service is quoted separately.
Please report the service needs to sales(at)