Magnetic lifting devices

Magnetic lifting devices for flat and round workpieces. Lifting capacity 0,1 – 2t. Also specially produced magnetic lifters.

Our magnetic lifting devices are battery powered electromagnetic lifters suitable for lifting of all magnetizable objects with a material thickness of above 5mm. The magnetic lifter speeds up work, as it automatically attaches to and detaches from the object.


The safety of the lifter is based on the control system which incorporates advanced self-monitoring functionality as well battery and coil monitoring. The control system monitors battery capacity and does not allow for new lifts when capacity is too low.
The magnets can generally be operated for 7- 10 hours with 50 % duty cycle on a single charge.


MKH battery magnets offer a lifting capacity of up to 2000 kg. We always test the lifters with at least a double load.

The internal intelligence keeps an eye on things

The magnetic lifter’s control unit offers faultless operation from one year to the next. All vital systems have redundancy and self-monitoring functionality.

Lifters in parallel configuration

In order to attain a greater lifting capacity, several lifters can be combined by attaching them to a lifting beam. All the lifting equipment on the beam attaches and detaches automatically. More information coming soon.