Our own products


MKH Press and MKH Lift products have been manufactured in Jämsänkoski for over 40 years, and in 2014 these product families were transferred to the ownership of Tarkmet Oy. We still produce the hydraulic presses and magnetic lifters in our Jämsänkoski production facilities.

Hydraulic presses


Hand and electrically operated hydraulic presses for workshops and production facilities. We also manufacture tailored solutions.

Hydraulic steadies


The only supplier in Finland that manufactures rail operated hydraulic steadies.

Magnetic lifting devices


Magnetic lifting devices for flat and round workpieces. Lifting capacity 0,1 – 5 t. Also specially manufactured magnetic lifters.

Hydraulic cylinders


We manufacture hydraulic cylinders for industrial applications. Our services also include cylinder maintenance and overhaul of old cylinders.