Service and repair of hydraulic presses

Considering service and repair

What does service include?

The service of the hydraulic press consists of a structural inspection of the frame and protective equipment. We also check for oil leaks and the condition of the hydraulic oil. For NC presses, we also measuring rod and force/pressure gauge calibration.


The most common remedies for hydraulic presses are cylinder or pump seal replacement, filter replacement, tank cleaning, and hydraulic oil change.

When should the hydraulic press be serviced?

The hydraulic press must be serviced when abnormalities in operation are observed, such as oil leakage in components, speed deceleration, or exceptional noise in the operations or hydraulics. In the event of a breakdown in the safety or control equipment, the device must be serviced immediately.

Where does the service take place? Customer premises or our premises?

As a rule, service is carried out at the customer premises, but in the case of major structural repairs, for example, it is better to have the press delivered to the factory for repair.

Price, if the warranty has expired?

Service and repairs will be offered at a fixed price if the warranty has expired.


Please let us know your need for service by contacting us via the contact form or email, or by calling us. Also check out our selection of spare parts in our webstore.