Accessories for hydraulic presses

Standard protector (steel mesh or polycarbonate)

Standard protectors are available in both polycarbonate and mesh-type protectors and they are suitable for H-frame and O-frame presses.


When the press use is intermittent, a pivoting protective screen is the most affordable solution. The pivoting protective screen ensures safety during work.


Standard protector is available for 30-100 t presses: hand-operated presses (HPE), motorised presses (MPD), presses equipped with fast movement (MPDS) and programmable presses / NC (MPD NC).


The protectors can also be retrofitted to old MKH presses and similar presses from other manufacturers (check the product page for mounting dimensions to ensure compatibility).

Lightweight shard protector (cable or spring mechanism)

The lightweight shard protector is suitable for all frame solutions and can also be tailored to be electrically/pneumatically opened if required.


Lightweight protector is the best solution for continuous press operation due to its lightweight design that makes it easy and quick to use. In addition, the protector is adjustable to suit different users.


The protector fits all the press types we manufacture: hand-operated presses (HPE), motorised presses (MPD), presses equipped with fast movement (MPDS) and programmable presses / NC (MPD NC).

Retractable press table

Bending tool/press brake attachment

Tarkmet Oy has developed a retractable press table that facilitates the transfer and alignment of parts to a press or installation site. Moving the workpiece is safe and requires no additional transfers or lifting.


The standard retractable press table is suitable as such for workshop presses (30-400 tn) and modified for C presses, production presses and line presses.

The bending tool diversifies the applications of the hydraulic press applications, making bending and straightening work much easier. The bending tool is intended for sheet, flat and round materials.


The bending tool developed by Tarkmet can house different manufacturers’ standard tools, which allow for a wide variety of materials to be handled. The tool manufacturers’ max. force limits must not be exceeded due to the risk of breakage of tools and materials.

LED work lights

It is a good idea to equip the hydraulic press with a powerful LED work lights, as working in the shade of the press frame can be challenging.

the LED work lights can be installed on all press models, i.e. H, O and C frame presses.

Tailoring options for hydraulic presses

Extended stroke length

Opening tables

It is possible to add extended stroke length to hydraulic presses. Extended stroke lengths allow for longer work rotation, allowing long and deep workpieces to be processed in pressing, straightening and assembly work.

An optional opening table for the hydraulic press makes handling long and heavy workpieces easier. After pressing, the table is opened and the workpiece can be safely removed from the frame.