S2000 battery-powered lifting magnet – the new generation lifter

Designed with never-before-seen technology, the S2000 guarantees safe lifting. Long-life lithium batteries, short charging times and a lifting capacity of 2000 kilograms makes the S2000 a necessity for the metal industry.

Tarkmet has developed the S2000 battery-powered lifting magnet. With the S2000, safe lifting is no longer based on assessments, but on math – the intelligent lifter guides the user, making lifting safer than ever before.


As a result of its unique technical solutions, the lifter is able to calculate how much weight the magnet can safely lift and how much the lifted object weighs. The holding force depends on the weight of the object, as well as factors such as material strength, material composition, and surface impurities. The battery-powered lifting magnet calculates the magnet’s holding force based on the aforementioned factors and alerts the user if the lifting capacity is exceeded, if the lifted object is not securely attached, or if lifting is otherwise deemed unsafe. Additionally, the lifter can function as a scale thanks to its built-in internal force sensor.

S2000 akkumagneettinostin



  • Calculates the magnet’s holding force
  • Alerts if lifting capacity is exceeded
  • Alerts it the object is not secured properly
  • Alerts if lifting is unsafe for other reasons (e.g., swinging, tilting)
  • Also functions as a scale
  • Meets Machinery Directive requirements
  • Compensates for errors
  • Reduces work accidents
  • Removes residual magnetism
  • Can be a part of an automated production line
  • Several lifters can be connected together

The battery-powered lifting magnet enables lifting operations that have not been possible with conventional magnet lifters. The lifter completely removes residual magnetism from the object, preventing the lifted object from attracting impurities. When the lifter is integrated to a robot, the lifting process becomes fully automated. The lifters can also be combined into a lifting beam solution, increasing the lifting capacity and facilitating multiple lifting points when handling large objects.


The battery-powered lifting magnet notifies the user when it needs to be sent for maintenance. The lifter stores any potential fault situations in its log, making it easy to check them during maintenance. The maintenance information is visible on the lifter’s 5-inch display. The display also shows information such as battery charge level, lifting operation phase, weight of the lifted object, and lifting capacity. The active fault codes and the number of completed lifting operations are also visible on the display.


The battery-powered lifting magnet is equipped with lithium batteries, which have a significantly longer lifespan compared to lead-acid batteries. The charging time for the lithium batteries is considerably shorter. Tarkmet manufactures the entire lifter, apart from its circuit board, in their own production facilities in Vaasa, Finland. Tarkmet has the Key Flag Symbol, which can be awarded to a product manufactured or a service produced in Finland.

Technical detailsS2000
Lifting capacity kg2000
Base measurements (mm, length x width)265 x 265
Usage time g (when activated 50 % of the time)8
Battery charge time h4
Weight kg85

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