A patented quality makes the S2000 the safest battery-powered lifting magnet in the world

Tarkmet’s S2000 is the safest battery-powered lifting magnet in the world. The lifter’s most groundbreaking, patented safety feature is its ability to calculate the magnet’s holding force. The S2000 alerts the user if the lifting capacity is exceeded, if the lifted object is not securely attached, or if lifting is deemed unsafe for any other reason. Other reasons may include excessive swinging or tilting.

Traditionally, calculating the holding force of a lifter has relied on human calculations and estimations. Usually, a material table is provided with the lifter, listing different coefficients for various materials. However, the lifting capacity also depends on several other factors, such as material thickness, impurities on the surface, and even the thickness of the object’s paint coat. While a table may be provided for calculating material thickness, other factors affecting lifting capacity have been left to the user’s judgment.

– The worst-case scenario is that the user makes calculations based on the thickness and surface area of the plate, attaches the magnet and sees what happens. Human calculations and estimations are prone to errors, which, in the worst case, can lead to serious workplace accidents, says Design and Automation Manager Niko Kärjenmäki.

The control board’s two independent processors guarantee safety

Kärjenmäki says that the new S2000 is particularly useful in surroundings where there are different types of objects to be lifted, objects of irregular shapes or, for example, if the objects contain a significant number of holes. The aforementioned factors make it challenging to estimate the weight of the object without a separate weighing device. Tarkmet’s battery-powered lifting magnet is equipped with an internal force sensor, allowing it to function as a scale. Irregular shapes and holes of the objects also affect how well it adheres to the lifter. Factors such as splatters resulting from cutting on the object’s surface can also impact the holding ability.

Tarkmet’s battery-powered magnet lifter also has other safety-enhancing features. The controller board of the lifter includes two independent processors. If one processor fails, the lifting operation and its safe monitoring continue with the other processor. The control system of the lifter is equipped with sensors that monitor various aspects such as each battery, moisture, and temperatures. Critical components of the control system are duplicated.

The safe operation of the battery-powered lifting magnet can be monitored through its log data. The lifter saves data regarding the number of lifting operations and any deviations that occur during those operations in its log, which can be reviewed during annual periodic inspections. The log records events where a specific parameter exceeds the limit value, such as excessive temperatures or excessive tilting angles. Lifting operations that repeatedly exceed limit values can shorten the lifespan of the lifter. The number of lifting operations performed, which can be monitored through the log data, also affects the lifespan. Every lifting device has a defined number of safe lifting operations specified for it.

The lifter’s safety makes investment decisions easier

According to Kärjenmäki, safety was the basis for product development and one of the main objectives set for the S2000 battery-powered lifting magnet. As evident from the market research Tarkmet had conducted, the lifter’s safety-advancing features are also the most important to customers.

– I believe that when companies are planning on investing in a new device, the first requirement is that it is as safe as possible. Our lifter’s safety makes investment decisions easier – people responsible for the decisions and of occupational safety can rest assured knowing that no one at the workplace will get injured while operating the lifter.

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