What does modernising a press mean and when is it a good idea?

What does modernising a press mean and when is it a good idea?

Buying a new machine is not always the best solution if your old machine can be modernised. Tarkmet carries out modernisation of both new and old presses.

Modernisation extends the service life of a press and brings it new features. Tarkmet’s presses are easily adaptable and designed to last for decades.

“We operate on the principle that our machines will last at least from one generation to the next. We are able to do this because we use long-lasting materials and generous material thicknesses. In addition, we offer all our machines lifecycle services ranging from maintenance, spare parts and modernisation all the way to recycling. We also accept old presses in part-exchange for new ones,” says Mechanical Engineer Keijo Olkinuora.

What does it mean to modernise a press?

The service life of presses and lifters can be lengthened with regular maintenance and spare part replacement. Press modernisation, on the other hand, is required when you want to improve the features of your press, or you want to put the press to a new use.

“Usually customers want a greater movement speed or NC control for their press, or they want to improve its safety.”

How are presses modernised?

Modernisation can be performed on a press of any age, as long as its frame is in order. While keeping the old frame, we can replace the cylinders with a different type and add NC control.

“We examine the old press and establish what features the customer wants and how much it will cost. Sometimes it is smarter to buy a new press, but often modernising an old one is a good idea.”

Tarkmet always provides a quote on the modernisation of a specific machine and calculates which solution will be most cost-effective.

We may pay you for your old press in part-exchange for your new one

If your old press is in good working order, but you want a new one, or buying a new press would end up cheaper, it is a good idea to contact Tarkmet to talk about part-exchanging your old press for a new one.

“We are like a car dealership: if your old press is up to a certain standard, we will pay you for it when you exchange it for a new one. We will then service your old machine and sell it on to someone else at a reasonable price. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask us about second-hand, repaired presses if you are thinking about buying one,” Olkinuora recommends.

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